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A History of the Popes - Joseph McCabe - Historia y Verdad
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Joseph McCabeAUTOR: Joseph McCabe

- THE AGE OF DEVELOPMENT (a.d. 50-450)
- The modest primitive church.
- The growth of papal ambition.
- Callistus humanizes the church.
- From persecution to a shower of gold.
- First degradation of the papacy.
- The popes begin to persecute.
- Augustin scorns the papal claims.
- THE DARK AGE (a.d. 450-1050)
- Consequences of the fall of rome.
- The final quarrel with the greeks.
- The pope rules the ruins of Europe.
- Charlemagne and the popes.
- Forging new title-deeds.
- The popes pass into the iron age.
- The rule of the courtesans.
- The debasement of Europe.
- THE AGE OF POWER (a.d. 1050-1550)
- The work of Gregory VII.
- The mythical age of chivalry.
- The popes and the artistic revival.
- The intellectual awakening.
- The popes react with massacre and inquisition.
- Frederic ii and the papacy.
- Two centuries of degradation.
- The inevitable reformation.
- THE AGE OF DISINTEGRATION (a.d. 1550-1939)
- The mythical counter-reformation.
- The popes and the thirty years 5 war.
- The state of catholic countries.
- The popes and the french revolution.
- The bloody reaction in papal lands.
- The crumbling church and the return to violence.

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