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The Mysteries of the Vatican or Crimes of the Papacy (1)
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AUTOR: Karl Theodor Griesinger.

- Episcopacy in the Primitive Centuries, The Vatican.
- Temporal Power of the Papacy.
- Peter's Pence.
- Year of Jubilee and Plenary Indulgence.
- Papal Greed.
- Developement of the Papal Idea, The Bidhops of Rome durmg the first Nine Centuries.
- The Papacy in its Glory: Pseudo Isidore. The Three Great Eepresentative Popes, Nicholas. The Great (858_67) and the Church Ban. Gregory the Great and Celibacy. The Two Innocents (III. and IV. 1198_1254) and the Mendicants.
- Fall of the Papal Despotism.
- Female Rule in Rome: Theodora, Marozia, Pope Joan.
- The Avignon Bule.
- Alexander VI and Lucretia Borgia.
- Nepotism.

LIBRO: The Mysteries of the Vatican or Crimes of the Papacy (1) [7.78 Mb]

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