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The Mysteries of the Vatican or Crimes of the Papacy (2)
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AUTOR: Karl Theodor Griesinger.

- Waldensians, Earliest Heretics.
- Wholesale Heretic Massacre.
— The Pioneers of the Reformation: (i.) The Spiritualists and their fellow Reformers. (ii.) John Wickliffe. (iii.) John Huss and Hieronimus (Jerome) of Prague.
- Extirpation of Protestantism throughout the Kingdoms of Europe.
- Extirpation of Protestantism in Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy.
- Pope and infallibility: Period preceding the Great Schism. Period of the Great Schism.
- Pope and modern days.
- The Resurrection of the Papacy.
- The Popes change not.
- Conclusion.

LIBRO: The Mysteries of the Vatican or Crimes of the Papacy (2) [8.13 Mb]

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