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History of the Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines and Desingns - Giovanni Battista Nicolini - Historia y Verdad
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Giovanni Battista NicoliniAUTOR: Giovanni Battista Nicolini

- 1500-40. Origin of the order.
- 1540-52. Constitutions fo the society.
- 1540-53. Hierarchy.
- 1541-48. Progress of the order, and its first general.
- 1547-1631. The famale jesuits.
- 1548-56. The first opposition of the order, and death of Loyola.
- l54l-1774. Missions.
- 1556-1581. The generals of the order.
- 1560-1600. Proceedings of the jesuits in the different countries of Europe.
- 1581-1608. Commotion among the jesuits.
- 1600-1700. Doctrines and moral code of thb jesuits.
- 1608-1700. Overgrowing influence on the society.
- 1600-1758. American missions.
- 1617-1700. Internal causes of decline.
- 1700-1772. Downfall of the jesuits.
- 1773. Abolition of the order.
- 1774. Death of Clement IV.
- 1773-1814. The jesuits during the suppression.
- 1814. Re-establishment.
- 1848-1852. The jesuit in and after 1848.

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History of JesuitsHistory of the Jesuits Their Origin, Progress, Doctrines and Desingns

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