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James Aitken WylieAUTOR: James Aitken Wylie

The Papacy, J A Wylie

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El Papado es el AnticristoEl Papado es el AnticristoRome and Civil Libety or the Papal AggressionThe Awakening of Italy and the Crisis of RomeThe History of Protestantism (1)The History of Protestantism (2)The History of Protestantism (3)The History of The WaldensesThe Impending Crisis of the Church and the World or the War in its Relation ProphecyThe Jesuits Their Moral, Maxims and Plots Against Kings, Nations and ChurchThe PapacyThe Papacy is the AntichristThe Papacy its History, Dogmas, Genius and ProspectsThe Papal Hierarchy an Exposure of the Tactics of RomeWanderings and Musings in the Valleys of Waldenses

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