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AUTOR: Charles Chiniquy.

- The Bible and the Priest of Rome.
- My first school-days at St. Thomas — The Monk and Celibacy.
- The Confession of Children.
- The Shepherd whipped by his Sheep.
- The Priest, Purgatory, and the poor Widows Cow.
- Festivities in a Parsonage.
- Preparation for the First Communion — Initiation to Idolatry.
- The First Communion.
- Intellectual Education in the Roman Catholic College.
- Moral and Religious Instruction in the Roman Catholic Colleges.
- Protestant Children in the Convents and Nunneries of Rome.
- Rome and Education — Why does the Church of Rome hate the Common Schools of the United States, and wants to destroy them? — Why does she object to the reading of the Bible in the Schools?
- Theology of the Church of Rome: its Anti-Social and Anti-Christian Character.
- The Vow of Celibacy.
- The Impurities of the Theology of Rome.
- The Priest of Rome and the Holy Fathers; or, how I swore to give up the Word of God to follow the word of Men.
- The Roman Catholic Priesthood, or Ancient and Modern Idolatry.
- Nine Consequences of the Dogma of Transubstantiation — The old Paganism under a Christian name.
- Vicarage, and Life at St. Charles, Rivierre Boyer.
- Papineau and the Patriots in 1833 — The burning of "Le Canadien" by the Curate of St. Charles.
- Grand Dinner of the Priests — The Maniac sister of Rev, Mr. Perras.
- I am appointed Vicar of the Curate of Charlesbourgh — The Piety, Lives and Deaths of Fathers Bedard and Perras.
- The Cholera Morbus of 1834 — Admirable courage and self-denial of the Priests of Rome during the epidemic.
- T am named a Vicar of St. Roch, Quebec City — The Rev. Mr. Tetu — Tertullian — General Cargo — Tha Seal Skins.
- Simony — Strange and sacrilegious traffic in the so-called Body and Blood of Christ — Enormous sums of Money made by the sale of Masses — The Society of three Masses abolished and the Society of one Mass established.
- Continuation of the trade in Masses.
- Quebec Marine Hospital — The first time I carried the "Bon Dieu" (the wafer god) in my vest pocket — The Grand Oyster Soiree at Mr. Buteaus — The Rev. L. Parent and the "Bon Dieu" at the Oyster Soiree.
- Dr. Douglas — My First Lesson on Temperance — Study of Anatomy — Working of Alcohol in the Human Frame — The Murderess of her own Child — I forever give up the use of Intoxicating Drinks.
- Conversions of Protestants to the Church of Rome — Rev. Anthony Parent, Superior of the Seminary of Quebec: His peculiar way of finding access to the Protestants and bringing them to the Catholic Church — How he spies the Protestants through the Confessional — I persuade ninety-three Families to become Catholics.
- The Murders and Thefts in Quebec from 1835 to i886 — The night Excursion with two Thieves — The Restitution — The Dawn of Light.
- Chambers and his Accomplices Condemned to death — Asked me to prepare them for their terrible Fate — A week in their Dungeon — Their Sentence of Death changed to Deportation to Botany Bay — Their Departure for exile — I meet one of them a sincere Convert, very rich, in a high and honorable position in Australia in 1878.
- The Miracles of Rome — Attack of Typhoid Fever — Apparation of St. Anne and St. Philomene — My Sudden Cure — The Curate of St. Anne Du Nord, Mons. Ranvoise, almost a disguised Protestant.
- My Nomination a« Curate of Beauport — Degradation and Ruin of that place through Drunkenness — My opposition to my nomination useless — Preparation to Establish a Temperance Society — I write to Father Mathew for advice.
- The Hand of God in the establishment of a Temperance Society in Beauport and Vicinity.
- Foundation of Temperance Societies in the neighboring Parishes — Providential arrival of Monsignor De Forbin Janson, Bishop of Nancy — He publicly defends me against the Bishop of Quebec and forever breaks the opposition of the Clergy.
- The God of Rome eaten by Rats.
- Visit of a Protestant stranger — He throws an Arrow into my Priestly Soul never to be taken out.
- Erection of the Column of Temperance — School Buildings — A noble and touching act of the people at Beauport.
- Sent to succeed Rev. Mr Varin, Curate of »Camouraska — Stern opposition of that Curate and the suounding Priests and People — Hours of Desolation in Kamouraska — The good Master allays the Tempest, and bids the Waves be still.
- Organization of Temperance Societies in Kamouraska and surrounding Country — The Girl in the Garb of a man in the service of the Curates of Quebec and Eboulements — Frightened by the Scandals seen everywhere — Give up my Parish of Kamouraska to join the " Oblates of Mary Immaculate of Longueuiel."
- Perversions of Dr. Newman to the Church of Rome in the light of his own explanations, Common Sense and the Word of God.
- Noviciate in the Monastery of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate of Longueuiel — Some of the thousand Acts of Folly and Idolatry which form the life of a Monk — The Deplorable Fall of one of the Fathers — Fall of the Grand Vicar Quiblier — Sick in the Motel Dieu of Montreal — Sister Urtubise, Avhat she says of Maria Monk — The two Missionaries to the Lumbermen — Fall and Punishment of a Father Oblate — What one of the best Father Oblates thinks of the Monks and the Monastery.
- I accept the hospitality of the Rev. Mr. Brassard of Longueuiel — I Give my reasons for leaving the Oblates to Bishop Bourget — He presents me with a splendid Crucifix blessed by his Holiness for me, and accepts my services in the cause of Temperance in the Diocese of Montreal.
- Preparation for the last Conflict — Wise Counsel, Tears and Distress of Father Mathew— Longueuiel the first to accept the great reform of Temperance — The whole District of Montreal, St, HyacJnthe and Three Rivers Conquered — The City of Montreal with the Sulpicians take the Pledge — Gold Medal- — Officially named Apostle of Temperance in Canada— Gift of £500 from Parliament.
- My Sermon on rhe Virgin Marj — Compliments of Bishop Prince — Stormy Night — First serious doubts about the Church of Rome — Faithful discussion with the Bishop — The Holy Fathers opposed to the modern Worship of the Virgin — The Branches of the Vine.
- The Holy Fathers— New mental troubles at not finding the Doctrines of my Church in their writings — Purgatory and the Sucking Pig of the Poor Man of Varennes.
- Letter from the Rev. Bishop Vandeveld of Chicago — Vast project of the Bishop of the United States -to take possession of the Rich Valley of the Mississippi and the Prairies of the West, to rule that Great Republic — They want to put me at the head of the Work — My Lecture on Temperance at Detroit- Intemperance of the Bishops and Priests of that City.
- My visit to Chicago in 1857 — Bishop Vandeveld — His Predecessor Poisoned^Magnificient Prairies of the West — Return to Canada — Bad Feelings of Bishop Bourget — I decline sending a rich Woman to the Nunnery to enrich the Bishop — A Plot to Destroy me.
- The Plot to Destroy me — The Interdict — The Retreat at the Jesuits College — The Lost Girl, Employed by the Bishop, retracts — The Bishop Confounded, sees his Injustice, makes amends — Testimonial Letters — The Chalice — The Benediction before I leave Canada.
- Address presented me at Longueuil — I arrive at Chicago — I select the spot for my Colony — I build the first Chapel — Jealousy and Opposition of the Priests of Bourbonnais and Chicago — Great Success of the Colony.
- Intrigues, Impostures, and Criminal life of the Priests in Bourbonnais — Indignation of the Bishop — The People ignominiously turn out the Criminal Priests from their Parish— Frightful Scandal— Faith In the Chwrch of Rome seriously Sheken.
- Correspondence with the Bishop.
- The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.
- The Abomination of Auricular Confession.
- The Ecclesiastical Retreat — Conduct of the Priests — The Bishop Forbids me to Distribute the Bible.
- Public Acts oi Simony — Thefts and Brigandage of Bishop ORegan — General Cry of Indignation — I determine to resist him to his face — He employs Mr. Spink again to send me to Gaol, and he fails — Drags me as a Prisoner to Urbana in the Spring of 1856 and fails again — Abraham Lincoln defends me — My dear Bible becomes more than ever my Light and my Counselor.
- Bishop ORegan sells the Parsonage of the French Canadians of Chicago, pockets the money, and turns them out when they come to complain — He determines to turn me out of my Colony and send me to Kahokia — He forgets it next day and publishes that he has Interdicted me — My People send a Deputation to the Bishop — His Answers — -The Sham Excommunication by thiree drunken Priests.
- Address from my People, asking me to remain — I am again dragged as a prisoner by the Sheriff to Urbana — Abraham Lincolns anxiety about the issue of the Prosecution — My Distress — The Rescue — Miss Philomena Moffat sent by God to save me — LeBelle's Confession and Distress — My Innocence acknowledged — Noble Words and Conduct of Abraham Lincoln — The Oath of Miss Philomena Moffat.
- A moment of Interruption in the Thread of my "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome," to see how my sad Previsions about my defender, Abraham Lincoln, were to be realized — Rome the Implacable Enemy of the United States.
- The Fundamental Principals of the Constitution of the United States drawn from the Gospel of Christ — My first visit to Abraham Lincoln to warn him of the Plots I knew against his Life — The Priests circulate the news that Lincoln was born in the Church of Rome — Letter of the Pope to Jeff Davis — My last visit to the President^His admirable reference to Moses — His willingness to c}ie for his Nation's Sake.
- Abraham Lincoln a true man of God, and a true Disciple of the Gospel — The Assassination bj Booth — The tool of the Priests — John Surratt's house — The Rendezvous and Dwelling Place of the Priests — John Surratt Secreted by the Priests after the murder of Lincoln — The Assassination of Lincoln known and published in the town three hours before its occurrence.
- Deputation of two Priests sent by the People and the Bishops of Canada to persuade us to submit to the will of the Bishop — The Deputies acknowledge publicly that the Bishop is wrong and that we are right — For peace sake, I consent to withdraw from the contest on certain conditions accepted by tlie Deputies — One of the Deputies turns false to his promise, and betrays us, to be put at the head of my Colony — My last interview with him and Mr. Brassard.
- Mr. Desaulnier is name Vicar General of Chicago to crush us — Our People more united than ever to defend their rights — Letters of the Bishops of Montreal against me, and my answer — Mr. Brassard forced, against his conscience, to condemn us — My answer to Mr. Brassard — He writes to beg my pardon.
- I write to the Pope Pius IX, and to Napoleon, Emperor of France, and send them the Legal and Public Documents proving the bad conduct of Bishop O'Regan — Grand Vicar Dunn sent to tell me of my victory at Rome, and the end of our trouble — I go to Dubuque to offer my submission to the Bishop — The peace sealed and publicly proclaimed by Grand Vicar Dunn the 28th of March, 1858.
- Excellent testimonial from my Bishop — My Retreat — Grand Vicai Saurin and his assistant. Rev. M. Granger — Grand Vicar Dunn writes me about the new storm prepared by the Jesuits — Vision — Christ offers Himself as a Gift — I am forgiven, rich, happy and saved — Back to my People.
- The Solemn Responsibilities of my New Position — We give up the Name of Roman Catholic to call ourselves Christian Catholics — Dismay of the Roman Catholic Bishops — My Lord Duggan, Coadjutor of St. Louis, hurried to Chicago — He comes to St. Anne to persuade the People to submit to his Authority — He is ignominiously turned out, and runs gway in the midst of the Cries of the people.
- Bird's-eye View of the Principal Events from my Convert,ion to this flay— My Narrow Escapes -The end of the Voyage through the Desert of the Promised Land.

LIBRO: Fifty Years in the Church of Rome [39.6 Mb]

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